Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Sky Fell In Miami: (Chicken Little Said So...)

FROM DU: Aren't They Special!

How long before any of us here at DU is called a "Home Grown Terrorist"?

How long before they just arrest one, or a group of us DU'ers on the flimsiest of excuses?

How long before these out of control, jack-booted thugs that care nothing about the real security of our country tears apart one of our lives? How long before they take the hard drive out of one of our computers and uses it to show on a 7 by 24 basis, on all the cable news channels, all the emails to subversive home grown terrorist organizations such as the ACLU, or the NAACP that we constantly send out?

How long before one of the 90000+ members here at DU gets a knock at their door, and their bank accounts picked through, and show just how we have given money to terrorist sleeper cells like or

How long before this shit happens to one of us, and we lose our jobs because we are suddenly guilty until proven innocent, and just don't have the money or the credit to bail out of jail for a month? Then, when the judge finally tosses out the case because there is ZERO evidence what so ever, and your life is still no less destroyed anyway, and they say, oops...sorry. Of course THAT won't be on any of the cable news shows.

Fuck this sucks. I hate what we have become in this fucking country. This is the shit we used to look down on the Iron Curtain countries for. (tjwash)

Oh yes, DU and the d'Rats are certainly a hotbed of important activity in this country--and probably abroad! Vital, so terribly busy; very big deal! Our nation--indeed, the entire globe--would collapse if these big-hearted, integral parts of the world's working cogs weren't in place!

Let's help them to NOT be sooooooooooooooo awfully frightened, and to help them see that, if they all hold hands and double-cross their fingers, they, too, may stay out of the horrible prisons--with no rights (and much torture)--that we have reserved for them...!

We can name them "Loreal"--because they're worth it!


Anonymous Z said...

DU people are "homegrown terrorists" ?? OH, PLEASE....they're afraid of our government! Ya, if.

It's the NY Times and LA Times which are homegrown terrorists.....when our gov't tells them please not to reveal secrets they use in protecting us and THEY CONSIDER it and decide to print anyway, America has more problems than even I thought we did.

And, today, Yahoo's headline is about Cheney defending the government's actions! WHAT? Is this REAL? HE"S defending protecting us, and THEY'LL get the Pulitzer for treason?

Sometimes it feels like we're all inside out, you know?

10:15 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Yeah I do--Dean just made a speech where he said our gov had 'dropped the ball' on Iran and North Korea--without ONE damn shred of proof! (Like HE'D know!) Of course, they're drinking it up at DU... Of course, when we actually DO something about these threats, we're labeled imperialists and war mongers--even death lovers... I wish they'd make up their minds!

10:21 AM  
Anonymous z said...

coming off of your last post comment is that I wish they'd just go to HELL, frankly, with or without whatever minds they really have!! (smile)

11:05 AM  
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