Monday, June 25, 2007

Crazy AND Dangerous

Hugo Chavez: Prepare for War With U.S.

President Hugo Chavez urged soldiers on Sunday to prepare for a guerrilla-style war against the United States, saying that Washington is using psychological and economic warfare as part of an unconventional campaign aimed at derailing his government.

Dressed in olive green fatigues and a red beret, Chavez spoke inside Tiuna Fort—Venezuela's military nerve-center—before hundreds of uniformed soldiers standing alongside armored vehicles and tanks decorated with banners reading: "Fatherland, Socialism, or Death! We will triumph!"

"We must continue developing the resistance war, that's the anti- imperialist weapon. We must think and prepare for the resistance war everyday," said Chavez, who has repeatedly warned that American soldiers could invade Venezuela to seize control of the South American nation's immense oil reserves.

U.S. officials reject claims that Washington is considering a military attack. But the U.S. government has expressed concern over what it perceives as a significant arms build-up here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


This will only plunge the country deeper into socialism as people begin 'disappearing' after speaking out.

Chavez is a madman, but he is no dummy. He is doing EXACTLY what the maroons over at DU claim Bush is doing here. Creating an environment of fear that will allow him to restrict freedoms and imprison people that dissent.

Of course, Chavez is a hero to many of them.

This hero will fall and they will look for the next Che or Castro. Anyone that opposes Bush is a minor god to them.

What a bunch of dopes.

7:30 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Phandancer-Crazy like a fox!
But then, there will always be the utopians who believe that if we play nice and cave to every bully, then they will learn to be nice too!
Well, example; in Florida when the concealed carry laws were enacted, the criminals ent after the foreign tourists. Why? Because they are terrified of guns and can be bullied, they didn't know which American might be carrying!
Same with utopians, if everyone fits into the cookie cutter, all will be wonderful!


9:50 AM  
Anonymous z said...

I'm reminded of a girlfriend's brother still stuck in Romania years ago. When they finally got their papers to leave for America (only possible because his sister, my friend, worked magic HERE and got him out of there), the school his son attended had him stand in shame in the middle of the school yard and taunted Marius as a traitor for leaving Romania, with all the kids watching and urged to tant him, too.

regarding those Venezuelan soldiers asked to pray for war against US, I think they're like those friends of Marius who were probably saying one thing and, inside, saying "Man, I wish I was going".

Those soldiers are saying "When can I get the heck OUT of this hell hole?"

THey're losing people by the droves.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


When the inevitable occurs, will the monkeys over at DU be defending Chavez then?

By inevitable, I of course mean when people start dying in protests or disappearing. Also when Chavez starts up a nuclear program, will he still be adored by Danny Glover and the other useful idiots.

It would be laughable if it were not dangerous.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Patsy said...

Hugo Chavez is off his meds, isn't he? The guy's bonkers!

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point ZinLa. Venezuelas army is nothing more than thugs with guns. I could hardly imagine any of them wanting to die for a tyrannt. And just how would this war be waged? I don't know of any plans for invasion of Venezuela. This whole thing sounds like "The Mouse that Roared''. Oddly enough its the reason Russians nevr wanted to invade Western Europe. Their soldiers all would have went running to the nearset Western embassy. J'Mac.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous catfleas said...

Where do these crazy dictators come from? Or are all dictators crazy? Or are all crazies, dictators? I think I covered every possibility!

8:15 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...



3:13 AM  

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