Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What Has the Democratic Congress Done?

What Has the Democratic Congress Done?
By Allen Davis

After the election of 2006, when the Democrats regained control of both houses of Congress, I wonder why the American people today don't ask what it has accomplished? Food for thought, but upon digestion, not much, other than giving the country another bad case of gas.

The Democrats strutted like roosters after the 06 election talking about the mandate the American electorate had given them; that in regaining control of Congress, the people had repudiated Bush, the war, everything else that's happened since 2001.

After taking back the Congress, the Dems made many lofty promises, such as killing "earmark" legislation and ending "pork barrel" politics. Instead, we got a Congress that was incapable of passing a reasonable budget and instead passed an "Omnibus" bill that supposedly funds the federal government for the next few months. But the new Democratic Congress actually exceeded the old GOP Congress in earmark spending. Talk about "fiscal responsibility."

Bush wasn't happy with it, but felt compelled to sign this bill. He had no choice, even though it was an ugly one. It was that, or see our fighting forces go without ammunition and food come April. Nonetheless, Bush managed to loudly voice his displeasure about all the earmark spending in the bill. Entering into his last year in office, Bush no longer actually needs Congress, so I'm thinking it might be possible for him to make things a bit uncomfortable for Democrat big-wigs in the legislative branch and thereby help whoever eventually wins the GOP Presidential nomination.

In the meantime, the Senate symbolically stayed in session over the holidays to block any "recess appointments" the President might make.

I wasn't happy with the last Congress, one controlled by the GOP, yet I have to ask: what has this Congress given us? Exactly what has it done to benefit the American people and protect it from the evil influences of the administration of George W. Bush and his evil minions in the oil industry and especially those demons at Haliburton under the direct control of that anti-christ Dick Cheney? And what has it done to fulfill what few empty promises they gave us? I keep coming up with -- nothing.



Blogger CHOMP said...

Anyone who knows how Democrats work will not be surprised by the observations made in this article.
Read's an excellent refresher course on Dem-sense.

Do they think they can do anything, and we won't notice?


8:33 PM  
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