Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Calls For A 'Hinkley' and Other D'RATITUDES



REPUBLICANS end this month of May by honoring our veterans and this wonderful country. The d'Rats end this month of May with calls for the assassination of the President of the United States:

--"we've got to get rid of that pile of crap in the WH. Where's Hinkley when we need him anyway??" (Minnesota Libra)

I hope the Secret Service has been alerted to such talk from these traitorous Democrat S.O.B.'s!



'Botany' says that it's Iraqi good news that, currently, the insurgent attacks in Iraq are increasing (even though, as the article they reference states, civilians have to bear much of the worst of this):

--"Oh, no... God forbid! Long life and good health to the chimp. I want him to live a loooong life, like Herbert Hoover, and understand every day of his life that he's the most detested and reviled person in the world (if he's capable of understanding anything!) If he should die in office, the Repuke sculptors would instantly gather at Mount Rushmore with dynamite, chisels, and jackhammers to transform Thomas Jefferson's face into B*shit's. He'd be on coins and stamps, and buildings, bridges, streets, and airports would be named for him. Texas would probably change its name to Bushass." (Glorfindel)



Today's absolute chortle--typical though it may be--is my being banned at DU, once again.

It seems I commited the heresy of suggesting to someone gay, who caught AIDS in 1986 and blamed it all on President Reagan (and now Bush), that perhaps personal responsibility ought to enter into the equation--and that it was NOT Reagan, Bush's--or even Clinton's fault--that he had AIDS...


ZIP-DOO-DAH! I WAS GONE! How utterly predictable that I should be 'disappeared' from d'Ratville after such a responsible statement!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

2008 For DUmmies

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2008 For Dummies
By VerityINK

People try and make politics so complicated. The d'Rats, for instance, are famous for dragging out their own personal versions of Utopia and trying to convince us that they are the Guardians of Humanity necessary to carry it forth to the masses (shhhhhhh! I know I'm treading dangerously close to the dreaded word 'communism'--and with good reason). They think they're so much the vanguard, so progressive--indeed, they have even hijacked that name for themselves (as if saying it will make it so!)

The Democrats think they have some special message that the rest of the parties--particularly the Republicans--don't have. They think they alone are working from some greatly compassionate position that we can't see and don't have access to--and wouldn't put forth if we did. They think they are 'better' for the world, that the GOP is responsible for the ruination of everything, and that some Bush Family Evil Empire (yes, that's what they actually call it) has been unleashed by the forces of darkness, to put the Prince Of Darkness (yes, that's actually what they call him) into the office of president, and continually suck the blood out of the necks of ALL humankind...

I know, I know....the purveyors of this nonsense should be out on a ledge somewhere... I guess it fits their We-Are-Here-To-Save-the-World! mindset. Since they're too cowardly to fight for this country, it's the only way they can be any kind of a hero--playing Jack the Giant Killer. However, in their case, the 'giant' is us. I wonder what they would do if they didn't have George W. Bush twirling his black moustache archly in the wings stage left, with Little Nell tied to the railroad tracks--train coming--and their own Demmie Dudley coming to the rescue!

They are just not going to see how things really are: politics is really about a small group of elite powerbrokers who aren't as dedicated to party lines as they are to 4-5 very basic principles such as:

--being able to do, think, and say what they want without interference
--being able to live how they want without interference
--being able to be their own definition of a 'good' person
--being able to have the type of lifestyle they want for them and theirs
--being able to live in safety, without fear of outside threat

That's pretty much it. At rock bottom, the only way immigration, 9/11, drilling in the Arctic, abortion, freedom from religion, slavery, taxation, military service--or anything else--REALLY matters is when it starts to significantly impinge upon those things. Party lines matter less; the number of DINOS and RINOS are an easy testament to that. Sure, every important person in America throws in with a political party--but only because they feel that it will get them those 4-5 things they want, or preserve the ones they already have.

Politics isn't some sacred message or mandate--it's not some holy Utopian writ. No candidate is 'uniting the world', 'taking back this country', or 'saving our lives'. In reality, politics is a group of elites--on both sides (or really no side)--that want the right man, at the right time, for the right reasons, and the right message, that will garner the right money with which he can achieve the office of the presidency. And they will choose the man that can do that and get them those 4-5 things they most want. Period.

Thus, the concept of 'good vs. evil' can be taken out of this election (and every other). The hippy-dippy notion of 'saving the earth' can go, too--along with the 'America is hated' bit, the 'PNAC will rule the world' paranoia, and the 'we no longer have any civil rights!' hysteria. In fact, ALL the silly side issues and distractions, media froth and Demmie demonization, can easily be hustled to the sidelines in favor of something much simpler.

In order to win the White House in '08, the d'Rats need to look at where things are, and where they want to go. Currently, they are deeply divided. Half see the world as a place where we would have no enemies if only we would 'act right'. The other half allows that we might have enemies, but is unsure about how to deal with them--it has no workable plan whatsoever with which to do so. In order to win the presidency, the d'Rats need to get together on which version they wish to present to the American people and convince the people they are united.

The Democrats need to keep in mind that, after seeing 9/11, trains bombed in London and Madrid, suicide bombers all over, threats against all manner of European leaders, filmmakers murdered in the Netherlands, war in the middle east etc. most Americans simply don't buy the fact that the world is not a dangerous place and that we don't face very real threats; the Democrat Kumbaya version of the world isn't going to fly. They need to come up with a decent response to the threat of war--particularly nuclear war--and they need to convince everyone that they can keep us safe better than anyone else.

The Republicans have already convinced most people of THAT, but the American public is now ready to evolve past the Bush era and they want to see a new Republican man in the White House--one that has some distance from things we've already tried, someone who has a new vision for this country. The man that can bring this message home in the clearest, most concrete, easily understandable manner, will garner the money and the support that will enable him to become president in 2008.

Yes, the election in '08 could be a fluke--the d'Rats might tap into the denial and wishful thinking that is a self-defense mechanism in all of us and convince the electorate that we don't need to deal with threats, that they were all Bush warmongering. They might champion another glib slickster who can convince everyone that 'good statemanship' is all we need to do--and they might put just such a 'talker' in the White House.

Nobody likes to feel threatened, or be at war--and the Demmies might easily wave a magic wand and get everyone to believe that Osama, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians etc. will just 'all go away', or that they'll be our best friends if we word everything just right. The Republicans might make it easy for them to prevail in this by offering only a Bush retread, wannabe, or also-ran instead of someone with a fresh vision for the GOP ticket. The election could go either way, and the Republicans could be out of office.

It might be the Democrat's turn.

However, for them to STAY in office, they're going to have to make sure that we HAVE a country in which they can continue to be voted into office. Wishing away world threats won't ensure that
at all.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Victory On Memorial Day!


Bush Bans Protests at Military Funerals

President Bush, marking Memorial Day with a speech paying tribute to fighting men and women lost in war, signed into law Monday a bill that keeps demonstrators from disrupting military funerals.

Something To Remember From

Something To Remember:

"Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you: Jesus Christ and the American G.I. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.
Thank them both today."

FROM DU: Here's What the d'Rats Are Cheering and Jeering:

--Cheers to those working for Justice for All--the Katrina victims, those who have had their civil rights denied, those who have been tortured and held by this corrupt and illegal regime.

--Cheers to all soldiers and active citizens who fight for the Constitution, defend the homeland, assertively participate in democracy, and speak out in patriotic dissent against a very criminal Presidency.

--Jeers to the false patriots who do none of the above and think that rolling themselves up in the U.S. flag is all they need do to get any respect.

--Jeers to news organizations that glamorize and glorify war.... how many of their news people have been in the war zones to report the true facts on the ground. When they go to hell...I wish upon them the role of newscasters in an eternal war that never ends.


These stupid, ugly children insist that the President has not 'been to any funerals' of our fallen soldiers. They, in their extreme ignorance, don't realize that, when he lays the wreath at the Tomb Of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington, he IS going to every single fallen soldier's funeral--and without singling anyone out, nor forgetting others, nor intruding upon each individual family's grief or wish for privacy , nor forcing them to endure their son or daughter's funeral amidst Presidential hoopla.

By attending the service on Memorial Day, the President isn't making some soldiers more important than others. He is not saying 'your child was worth my time, but YOURS wasn't'. The President is saying, by his laying of the wreath, that ALL sacrifices for the war mattered, and they mattered equally and completely--they were EACH an important human life.

Otherwise, how would he choose? Would he attend only those funeral he 'had time' for? What about funerals held at nearly the same time on opposite coasts? Would attendance be 'required' only in cases of small loss of life--or would the d'Rats have expected FDR to attend funerals for all of WWII's 500, 000+ dead?

Should Lincoln have been graveside for the Civil War's same number of men lost? Were Kennedy and LBJ exempt, in d'Rat minds, from attending Viet Nam's losses--or did that burden fall only upon Richard Nixon? Did the Clintons go to ANY of the services of those killed in the skirmishes of the 1990's? Or was the Sewer d'Rat Double Standard firmly in place then, too?


Most Stupid d'Rat Comment Of the Day

"I doubt that there's many troops today that really believe that they are dying for the words of the oath they took."

Saturday, May 27, 2006



Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the mornings' hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die.

The spirit of our brave men and women, who have given their lives in service to our country-- and so often the world--will never die. They will always stay alive in our hearts, forever standing as the best examples of what America represents--willing to die for the freedom and liberty of others. There are no greater people on earth, there is no better country on earth. Let everyone be as brave as they have been FOR ALL OF US.
For any of you who doubt how the d'Rats feel about our men and women in uniform, here is an answer that ought to make it clear. There are only 3 responses to this poster's posts (what typically Democrat answers they were, too!) and then the topic was 'achived'--hopefully because someone there was too ashamed to print anthing further:

If You Don't Honor the Sacrifice, You Don't Honor the Son


If You Don't Honor the Sacrifice, You Don't Honor the Son:

'Piece o' Work' Momma Sheehan has once again, on this Memorial Day, refused to honor her son's death by providing a headstone for his grave. It's been 2 YEARS now that he's done without one--though the United States government will gladly provide one, free of any charge whatsoever:

"Obviously, it's a picture in a cemetery. What cemetery and whose grave? Yes, it's sadly the grave of Casey Sheehan. After two years, and a DOD payment of $250,000 life insurance to the "Peace Mom", she has not had the time or bothered to have a headstone placed on this young hero's grave. And, she doesn't even have to pay for one, the DOD will provide one:

Of course, those dulcet d'Drats are quick to bleat back at the clubhouse:

"A grieving mumma has the right to grieve ANY way she wants to grieve without comment about her grief from anyone else who is not grieving the same grief that she is grieving while in her own private grief" (or some such nonsense.)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! RIGHT!!! I can well imagine the type of vigil they'd keep if it was a Republican mom who was constantly putting herself in the public eye in SUPPORT of the war! As it is, they write down everytime the President BLINKS too often! (I'm not kidding; they DO remark upon that at DU!)

As far as Cindy Lou Who? goes, she's just too busy trying to be a movie star...

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What ARE the d'Rats Good For?


What are the d'Rats good for?


THAT should be the Democrat party's eternal mantra! Here's THEIR idea of the type of struggle, sacrifice, and service to our country they think THEY are making:

It all started when this genius asked one of their typically stupid questions:

"Meme--Simple Question: If you support the war, why haven't you signed up to fight it? Are you a coward or because, deep down, you know it's a con?"

It was pointed out that not everyone is of sufficient age, health, or mental ability to fight in a war. Also many are single mothers, students, men working jobs upon which our infrastructure depends--our teachers, doctors, nurses, police, engineers, businessmen, pilots, food growers, clothing makers, road builders, taxi drivers, car repairmen, plumbers, dentists--heck, even the guy that makes our toothpaste, sells us our printer's ink, makes us a Dominos pizza, or hawks newspapers downtown is providing a service we need or want to use here at home.

That doesn't mean they don't support the war. (And going to fight in one doesn't necessarily mean that someone DOES support a war; men who enlist are smart enough to know that they are obligated to 'go and fight' whether they personally agree with a military action or not.)

The d'Rat replied that HONEST people were willing to stand up for the things they say they believe in--and, if they supported the Iraq war, they should be willing to go and put their lives at risk fighting in it.

The Dem-babies were asked if THEY were willing to put THEIR lives on the line for THEIR beliefs--as they were demanding of every Republican? Well, the virtual stampede you may have heard was the lot of them rushing to say how, to be a protesters today in America--going to rallies, marching, sporting anti-Bush bumperstickers in 'certain parts' of the country etc.--was indeed, putting their lives on the line for their beliefs just like the soldiers were....!!! LOL!!!

The thoroughly incredulous poster answering this drivel said " You mean to tell me that you think that an American soldier, armed, at war--and fighting hostile forces 24/7--is in the same danger as is an American sporting an anti-GOP bumpersticker while driving their daughter to swim class ???

Those terribly brave and knowledeable d'Rat-'O-Crats said..."absolutely"...

Maybe it's a good thing that so many of them AREN'T showing up to put headstones at vet's graves, or offering any sort of tribute this Memorial Day; they haven't a CLUE about what our troops do--and why.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"There's No Payoff In Calming Down!!!"


"There's No Payoff In Calming Down!!!"
By VerityINK

You just have to love something as exemplifying, and thoroughly prototypical, as the d'Rat piece written below (Ahhhhhh, such 'trooth to powur'!):

It is so wonderfully overdone, overwrought, overemotional--overly silly and overly self-pitying, too. Right from the start, I could easily comment upon the melodramatic mien and ridiculous tone as this 21st-century Camille, at the 'pinnacle of disgust', vents her egoistic point of view (this is HER world--d'Ratworld--dontcha know!)

I could wade through all the hyperbole--'we'd be publicly stoned..kicked in the gut', 'it's killing us', 'who gave us permission to turn off our hearts?'--and deal with the sheer stupidity of it--'the soldier who was forced to torture and kill families in Iraq?', 'he is our Commander in Chief; he is guilty of murder', 'I’m tired of excuses for his every evil whim'--if I weren't so busy trying to figure out the genesis of such complete exaggeration, all the superhyped-flummery, and soggy blubbering. It's just too much!

Human beings don't do ANYTHING without a payoff. It doesn't matter if it's war, sex, running for elected office, going to school, becoming a plumber--or something as small as attending a child's birthday party--there's a payoff to be had or we wouldn't do it. I know our thoughts and deeds are divided into the altruistic, self-centered, or neutral. However, there are reasons behind all the things we do--reasons that benefit us; every quarter we toss into a streetperson's cup is worth far more than twentyfive cents to US--or it wouldn't make the journey.

I have to wonder what the payoff is for the d'Rats to heft such a continual slop bucket... Psychologically, what are they getting out of it?

If you read over at the d'Rat Playhouse, it's easy to see their days are marked by extreme emotions, catastrophe-making, and increasingly negative spin. Everything is a disaster--and we surely are 'living in the end times' (and with no Rapture in sight!) --and it has to be providing them with a powerful psychological boost.

All those feelings, turned up all the way, DO make one feel alive...especially alive--live wire, even. High. They tap into the fiery base that is at the root of our very existence (why do you think 'getting hot' means getting mad--and someone who 'makes us hot all over'--or who IS hot--is usually our love interest or date?) They are important survival tools and they're best found in simple acts and basic emotions.

No need for the ol' Prozac there... When wrapped up in such nonsense, there's no need for us adults to distract ourselves from our less-fun feelings or have to get busy with something and achieve to feel good. We don't have to give ourselves pep talks, pay attention to someone else, or even bear being ordinarily bored. There's little true depression as the field of politics makes for particularly vital dust-ups--and there's no group that seems to need all these excesses more than those d'Rats.

While on such a teddibly, teddibly important mission to save the world from the evils of Bush, the d'Rats can easily tell themselves that their lives are important, dammit! They're doing something. They matter. This time in history matters. Their generation--their time they are convinced--will NOT be forgotten. And--just like all the info commercials today promise--at no cost to them!

The d'Rats want to be warriors with no battle. Oh, they want very much to give the appearance of reporting for duty. They want to stand at attention in the 'good guy' white uniform, and get some Purple Hearts pinned on their chests--and they want everyone to think they are 'in country' for years and years and years, fighting the good fight'--and not just for a short few months...

However, to play at fighting, the d'Rats have picked an 'enemy' that they can get positively rabid about--without that enemy and their feelings about him--ever really affecting him or their own lives. They are not getting mad at their husbands or wives (who could divorce them), or their parents (who could become estranged), or their bosses (who could fire them), or their neighbors (who might make their lives miserable), or their friends/kids/schoolmates/co-workers/acquaintances--all of whom could possibly hurt them.

No, the d'Rats get all the razzle-dazzle of being mad--and none of the consequences of really being at war. They certainly won't ever have to truly enlist in a real military that fights (what soldier can fight on two fronts at once? The d'Rats are too busy trying to 'take back this country'!) Being angry at George W. Bush will always mean that they can talk battlefields and wear Birkenstocks. They never have to see any other threat, any different enemy against whom they must arm themselves.

In the movie The Usual Suspects, it was said that 'The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist'... Actually, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was in convincing the world he was someone else.

George W. Bush isn't the enemy and this country isn't falling apart. The Sancho Panzas of the political world need to climb off their horses, put away this senseless bleating and, instead, report for a duty the rest of us have been at for years.

"I Don't WANNA Calm Down!"

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"I Don't Wanna Calm Down!"
By VerityINK

Actually, the title is "No, I Won't Calm Down", and it is the most execrable, over-emotive, silly display of pathos, bathos--that works it's way right up to 'laughos'--that is the very essence of the Democrat party today. Never better does the d'Rat Parade-Of-the-Elephants lumber than at DU; poster 'dancingAlone' was in high form--and had plenty of company. I include the entire post here, even though it runs long, because it it simply so unbelievable:

"I can barely breathe I’m so upset. I just can't stand another second of quietly listening to, to - all of it. There's so much shit I can't put "it" into one comprehensible sentence.

What the hell is wrong with us? How much longer are we going to quietly put up with "it", brush "it" all off, act as if "it's" not happening, turn our backs because "it" doesn't concern us? Why aren't people screaming? I'll tell you why. People are too afraid of losing what they think they deserve. Money and power are far more important. And for the people who would scream, if we did scream - if we actually stood up in front of real people and screamed we would be publicly stoned. We’d be ridiculed, laughed at, kicked in the gut. We would suffer. Our families would suffer. And what would we have accomplished? Some of our lives are already bad enough. Why would we want to make it worse?

But the more pressing question is what will happen if we don't scream? We're stuck between a rock and a hard spot - exactly as planned, exactly where they want us and it's killing us. As I quietly stuff my rage I am dying inside. Shit is flying at me from every direction and I don't know what to do about it. I know if I get one more patronizing "calm down" from my future-ex I'll kick him in the nuts right in front of my kids. I swear. He tells me to stop investing so much of my time in something I can't do anything about. He tells me to stop being so “angry”. He calls me crazy, paranoid and dramatic. He has made me feel like I’m the sick mental patient for speaking up and becoming emotional and he calls himself a democrat! He’s one of us and he’s using the same sleazy right wing tactics to control his world - to control me so I don’t upset his world.

I don't know if our country was this filthy 20 years ago - that I was just too young and stupid to see or if we've reached the pinnacle of disgust. I don't know if it's my motherhood that is making it so utterly painful for me or if maybe I am overly emotional like the ex says but I know I can't calm down.

Things are so bad that we look at what yesterday was a crime as just protocol today. Why aren't people demanding that their votes be counted? Why? Are we all going to meander on down to cast our votes in the next election with the assumption that someone else has magically fixed the problem or that stealing votes is just okay? Have people forgotten the shock and tears of the 2004 election? We were taken for a fucking ride. I held my tears back for days only because I was too busy being strong and trying to explain a world I no longer understood, myself, to my 18 year old who had campaigned and voted for the first time in her life. Trying to console her while she wept openly over the phone the next morning unable to face all the repukes at her job.

This young woman got out and did more than most of America even thinks of doing. She got my ass on a plane to DC for the March for Women's Lives which, for the uninformed, was the biggest March in American history - the very biggest – over 1,000,000 strong and very much about the shrub. I got my first "Anybody But Bush" button there - before most had ever seen one. It was a monumental event - it was huge and most of America still has no clue it ever took place. The fucking Promise Keepers made headline news for days with their pathetic march. The Promise Keepers! The March for Women was written up in just a few papers and covered only by C-span. That's it. That's all.

And after that march my daughter came back home and put her ass on the line again and again. She held her head high and never wavered. She carried the message to her college campus - to her work place. So bright - so intelligent - so courageous - she stood up and spoke out about what she knew in her heart to be truth and the fuckers kicked her in the teeth. They kicked us all in the teeth. But that's history now isn't it? And there are bigger injustices to ignore.

I see the tiny hand sticking out of the rubble. My heart bleeds. I've never understood "bleeding heart liberal" so well. Yes, I am one. I can't help it. I see the bloodied limp body of an Iraqi child and without thought I see one of my own children lying there and I weep. I see the faces of a mother and father whose son or daughter has come home in a flag draped casket and I feel their horrible despair in my heart, the pain I've known in my own life after losing someone I've loved so dearly. And the soldier who was forced to torture and kill families in Iraq? I think of my son. Would my little boy be able to stand up to such evil? His life would forever be destroyed. Who, in their right or even insane mind could even think of slaughtering any family, of any race or color, in any country? And what sick fuck would force a child to do their evil, sick work for them? Who would do that to an innocent young man? I imagine being that boy's mother and I rage! I feel like a wounded, screaming animal right now. What the fuck are we doing? Where is the media? Where is the outrage? What has happened to humanity? Who gave us permission to turn off our hearts?

If I had forced a boy to torture and then slaughter a family I would be in jail now, awaiting trial – bail denied. Why is the pig in the white house free to walk and talk and spread despair? I ask you, why? I’m tired of excuses for his every evil whim. He is our Commander in Chief. He is guilty of murder. He needs to go straight to jail. Now. No excuses. No more chances. No more trying to convince ourselves that black is white and wrong is right. No more. We’re becoming immune to ever bigger atrocities with each one we brush off. And he smirks.

I’m sorry for going on so long. I’m just so very angry and there are a thousand more injustices I want to scream about. I know I’m preaching to the choir and I just thank you, Choir, for listening and understanding."

Scroll up for my reaction piece...

Monday, May 22, 2006

You Can Pay Your Debt Next Weekend

You Can Pay Your Debt Next Weekend
By VerityINK

Though I have no great love for television, we saw a wonderful show tonight that I had to write about. It came on HBO--it aired right before the Sopranos came on--and it was called "Baghdad ER". At first, I thought it was about Iraqis being operated on by our military doctors (in the past, I had seen news shows about kids being helped, and the hands of those 5 Iraq businessmen that Saddam chopped off, being restored) but I was wrong; the show was about our wounded soldiers being operated on in Iraq--and I recommend that everyone watch it when it comes on again.

Everyone should see "Baghdad ER", not only to be reminded of the sacrifice our doctors and soldiers overseas are making, but also to counteract the tremendous dis-information campaign the d'Rats are trying to disseminate to the world. These DU-Traitors-To-America are trying their best to convince the multitudes that our soldiers don't really want to be in Iraq--that they don't believe in Iraq, or have faith in what we're trying to do there. They think the majority of our soldiers are just silly, stupid, dupes--boys that REALLY meant to simply enlist in the National Guard because they 'couldn't find any work'--and that they were completely fooled into being shipped to Iraq.

The d'Rats want us to believe that our own soldiers have only a very grudging sort of belief in America's message of independence and freedom (that IS, after all, a "Republican" message), and that they'd just as soon not be sent overseas at our nation's behest. They think that we shouldn't be in Iraq or Afghanistan--or anywhere else--that we don't belong there, and that nobody in the world really WANTS our presence on their country.
(Tell that to Rwanda, Darfur , WWI AND WWII France, Blitzkreig England, Communist Russia, Hitler's Germany--the Iron Curtain etc....)

The Democrat party wants the MSM to report that every enthusiastic photo op with the President or Donald Rumsfeld is simply one more order the troops have to follow, and that we're not really a country that holds liberty and human rights to be 'self-evident'--except for our elitest, greedy little selves. They don't want us to be liked, they don't want us to be respected--they don't want our troops to be greeted with anything other than the same disdain, scorn, and derision they themselves feel.

No, try as they may hide it, the d'Rats think that, to like our troops means you have to like America, and to like America means you have to like what we're doing in Iraq, and to like what we're doing in Iraq means you have to like the Republicans and President Bush--and we can't have THAT, now can we? To them, every Iraqi face that turns away from ours, every cuss word directed our way, every mouthful of spittle shot toward our men in uniform, is slime smeared on the face of President George W. Bush himself--the very visage they SOOOO wish they could spit on themselves. (With their poisonous, seditious mindset, I nearly believe I'd hear mag barg Amrika out of the mouth of a D'RAT before I'd ever hear it from the mouth of an Iraqi...)

The Democrat d'Rats think our soldiers, of course, feel the same way. With the prescience and superior knowledge for which they give themselves such airs, they feel they just HAVE to know that the fighting men feel TERRIBLY rooked, SO defrauded--like SUCH fools; they must be gnashing their teeth against this country, counting the days until they can get out of the military, and wiping the sneer from their faces everytime they're in range of FOX news cameras with a view of the Stars & Stripes...right? I mean, they've had to be badgered into fighting--fooled, jollied along, lied to--or they wouldn't BE in Iraq...right?

That sure as heck wasn't what I saw.

In "Baghdad ER", and in countless news shows, Mail Calls, letters home, notes to newspapers and magazines, phone calls, reports from service organizations, conversations with doctors and priests--those aren't the men I see. The men who stood in their desert camouflage in silent tribute to their brothers who were on those operating tables... the men who were in blood up to their elbows trying to save another life... the men who, though they wore the caduceus, wore the uniform of this country FIRST... the men who carried the litters with the men recovering, or the fallen dead--and the men who were laying there wounded--were not the cowards, the dupes, the fools the d'Rats would have the world believe they are.

THOSE men who stood under the American flag, THOSE men who were on their feet for hours--the longest parts of whole days--to save another American life, THOSE men who called the priest over and blessed their brother's time on earth--knew the sacrifice he'd made and sent him to heaven with their hands on him gladly. THOSE men who'd seen it all, and done it all--and took the worst of it and suffered so--went to their recovery rooms and their rehabs. They had their blood staunched, their wounds sewn shut, their eyes restored, learned to use their prosthetic limbs and--for most who did not go home for the last time--they joined their brothers to fight by their sides again.

The d'Rats don't know these men. They don't know what they are doing--and they don't know what they're about. Maybe they know piddling little anti-American fools like themselves, who don't know what it means to be American, and can't see past the weak definitions in their own minds--but they don't know my men, my soldiers, my country--and they don't know my President, either.

Everyone needs to see "Baghdad ER"; go and see some real men--and the doctors who take care of the ones who defend us ALL.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Hate Is NOT A Four-Letter Word


Hate Is NOT A Four-Letter Word
By VerityINK

No, you can spell it with just two letters: "DU". I am constantly amazed at the level of hate at DU. They have turned bitterness at elections lost into high art; they carefully craft their hatred, they relish it, savor it, and encourage each other to build it into ever-higher pyres.

This isn't about ordinary dislike of a candidate, piddling dismissal of Republican ideas, or honest opposition--any of those things we might expect. DU's attitude--the d'RAT mindset--goes far beyond that; indeed, if we didn't know in advance that this was simple politics, one could well-nigh believe it was a pitched battle between the very concepts of good and evil.

I know, I know, Lefties are supposed to be the ersatz peace-loving flower-children of a bygone era, mellowed-down by good weed and steeped in all that Ritz-dye ambience; goodwill ambassadors, the lot of them. Riiight?

But, really, were they ever?

The term 'hippie'--first used in 1964--was very nearly an anachronism before it's usage was commonplace. Though 'nostalgians' like to paint the entire era of the sixties as embodying the concepts of peace and love they stood for, even the people to whom it referred signaled it's demise with their own Death Of Hippie parade in 1967. A movement that had started out based on civil rights and freedom, quickly became one of drug use, nihilism, and rejection of our society. By the 1970's, many of the sit-ins had turned into violent confrontations, there were no more 'concerts of love', and groups like the SLA, M.O.V.E. etc. dotted the landscape with their pointless violence, random killings, and radical politics. That's the movement's basic legacy--and it continues today at DU.

What would you think of fellow Americans who say:

-- "police often are violent, nasty, shitbags that can't be trusted", or...

-- "the United States is stupid, fat and greedy, that about covers it; compassion and understanding isn't what America is about", or...

--"Bush has no conscious. He's oblivious to the suffering that he has caused and wouldn't care even if he were aware. A selfish, self serving, self absorbed and self righteous little prick. He just doesn't give a rat's ass and, if everything is good in his little world, fuck everyone else", or...

-- "The world public opinion is right, there are millions of parasites in this country, leeches upon the rest of the world; thank you very little and fuck you very much".

What are the goals of those who applaud a rape of Karl Rove in prison?

Or those who compare Vice President Cheney to Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot--even Caligula?

Or liken Bush to Hitler, and talk about his family's supposed 'New World Order'?

I don't have to reach back to the WTO riots in Seattle, or read d'Rat plans to march on D.C. 'with torches and pitchforks', to see the nascent hatred, the complete disdain they have for America--and what I've come to call their 'destruction entitlement'--that has become these people's operational manifesto.

The very people who, a la Khalil Gibran, kept telling America that this country 'was not our own'--that it belonged to the whole world and we to it--are now mired in their own selfishness. The d'Rat have no vision of the future that doesn't include themselves as prime actors, prime owners, key doers.

They think America--the world--is theirs, so they can tear it down, and 'build it up the right way' now--supposedly for the 'future generations'. Their views ARE nihilistic, and that DOES come from a feeling of ownership, covetousness, and acquisition that goes far beyond that which any corporation could muster. They think this country is theirs to destroy.

Of course, Utopia is supposed to take it's place; they are so happy to think we will benefit from their architecture of the world that they rush to tell us to go fuck ourselves. They don't think anyone else's dream belongs here; they even think they can lead our country with their hate.

Peruse the sour forums of DU and you won't find one page, one post, one answer to a question, that even borders on something positive about America. There's not one Star-Spangled Banner there; they fly their flags upside down. John F. Kennedy's famous, 'What you can do for your country', has turned into the neo-progressive credo; what they think WE should tear down, and give up, for THEM.

Doom & Gloom In the Playroom


Doom & Gloom In the Playroom
By VerityINK

The damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don't wheal is palpable, once more, at the d'Rat playhouse. Yesterday, it was 'Halliburton is hiding out!' because of their decision to have their annual shareholders conference at a small hotel in Duncan, Oklahoma (where they got their start) rather than in Houston (where the company is now located).

The d'Rats, of course, relish the high drama of event planning as they bitched and protested the meeting in posh digs last year. THIS year, the exact opposite gets the same bitching and protesting. It's safe to assume that, had Halliburton decided to meet in a bare grass lot, the environmentalist rads would've set up their howl and moan--and Al Gore would've capped the thing. As it is, it doesn't make much difference what the Republicans do, or don't do--SOMEWHERE out there, there'll be a d'Rat sharply bleating about it.

This was most noticeable--and objectionable--surrounding the issue of 9/11. The Democrat party wanted to all-too-hastily distance themselves (and their hero BubbaBill), from any culpability regarding threats made by Osama Bin Laden, by stating loudly and clearly that the fault for the attacks lay entirely with George W. Bush. Nevermind that Atta & Co. had been in the country since the early/middle '90's, safely ensconced in their flight schools, and completing their gawdawful plans. Nevermind that their plane tickets were already bought and any bags of theirs were already packed.

No, the d'Rats say President Bush should've known all about it and done something to prevent it, in his first few months in office. Conversely, when President Bush finally DID take the oath, he suddenly wasn't supposed to call for troops--he wasn't to unleash the military to protect America, or accomplish a goal. No, he wasn't really supposed to do anything at all.

The d'Rats can't seem to make up their minds one way or the other. If the President isn't in office, he's supposed to lift heaven and earth to protect us. When he is in office, he's roundly hated for every concrete move he makes to guard our airports, track non-citizens, monitor communications, find out what is going on in this country, and what's happening to this country. The d'Rats blame him for every action and non-action, too. This has gone far beyond any actual criticism of his moves; this damned-if-he-does and still damned-if-he-doesn't is nothing more than their juvenile partisan strategy.

When Katrina hit, the d'Rats blamed him for being in California (but when he goes to NOLA now, he supposedly just wants a photo op.) When he spends time with his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, he's doing his planning per the Bush Family Evil Empire--yes, that's what the d'RatLoons call it (but when they haven't seen each other, it's because they're 'estranged'.) When he has a Saudi Arabian ambassador out to Crawford for a little R & R., he's 'in bed' with the royal family (but if he doesn't hobnob with world higher-ups, it's because the 'world hates us'.) When he shows up at another President's funeral/world conference/summit meeting, they say he's trying to 'steal their thunder' or 'hog the limelight' (but when he doesn't go it's because he's a callous sonovabitch who doesn't know proper protocol, or because he 'never does the right thing'.)

The d'Rats hope, by bitching about EVERYTHING it is possible to bitch about regarding our President, they can hopefully prove that he's always wrong. Of course, this does little to prove that they are ever right--and sure doesn't show us that they have a better plan, that they deserve to be in office, or that they, ultimately, can keep our country safe. No, this schoolyard puling about every breath Bush takes simply does what it's always done and is what it is: we can clearly see that, rather than stem from anything President Bush has actually done or not done, their hatred of him is still all about them.

DUngeons and Dragons I


DUngeons and Dragons!
By VerityINK

Now that I've started getting a lot of hits from DU, and having some of the d'Rats post to me in the manner I rather expected, their mindset goes right to the heart of why I decided to start a blog in opposition to them, in the first place.

Democratic Underground is the premier moonbat blogsite on the Internet. It spouts a variety of opinions--all Leftist--Democrat, Independent, Green party, commies, various anarchists, and malcontents. Suffice it to say that, if you hate America in some manner--and haven't recently voted for a Republican candidate for public office--you'll be welcome there, somehow.

They have a wide variety of forums, but are primarily a political site. The management explains: "Democratic Underground (DU) was founded on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2001, to protest the illegitimate presidency of George W. Bush and to provide a resource for the exchange and dissemination of liberal and progressive ideas". They are champions of screwy ideas, love to cater to the most outrageous and half-baked nonsense you'll ever read on the web, and they adore telling people how they feel/what they should think/and what the 'truth' is.

One behavior they DON'T do, however, is LISTEN to the truth; they are positively allergic to hearing any dissenting ideas, penetrating questions, or provable facts. (I've gotten banned just for calling Ted Kennedy fat and quoting Clinton's actual grand jury testimony!) They don't allow ANY of their false-God candidates to be criticized in the slightest way by us mere mortals--and nobody wondering, confused over some issue, or wanting answers--need write in. If you haven't got your mind made up in advance, don't bother to post at DU. You either agree with them, or you're called the devil incarnate and banned.

Despite their quick claims of 'of course we allow all kinds of opinions!', only those with over the magical number of 1000 posts are allowed a controversial, or censuring, opinion. (And don't let a 'newbie' criticize them!) They try hard to weed out those who won't march in lockstep before that point is reached, however, with various baiting tactics, like demanding you take sides and then banning you when you do, and taunting you if you don't answer their questions fast enough, or at all. Any 'wrong' answer will get you branded--rightly or wrongly--as a 'freeper', and soon, you'll get told to 'enjoy your stay'--which really means you won't be staying long, at all.

Every post has a little 'alert' tab, and any poster who doesn't like what's been written can send it to a moderator. If the complaint is made by a sufficiently prestigious poster, you'll be immediately thrown off the board. You're never told why, they won't answer a query about it, and you won't be able to use the same screen name, or email addy, with which to re-register. You'll have to empty your cache and delete your footprints to sign up again--I'd even suggest rebooting your computer before you take the plunge once again.

Why go there/why do I go there? I go there and read because I want to know what the opposition is up to. This is the true face of the Left today--and they are a negative, subversive element in America and should be watched. These are the people who believe that George W. Bush destroyed the WTC and engineered 9/11. They believe he is trying to make this country into a fundamentalist theocracy and that he's going to tear up the Constitution and crown himself the permanent 'King of America' (or even the world). Their heroes are John 'Our-Soldiers-Did-War-Crimes' Kerry, Hugo Chavez's best friend, Cindy Sheehan, 'America Is Worse Than Nazi Germany' Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Fidel Castro-and-his-buddy-Che, Lynne Stewart (defender of blind sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman), 'Rock-'em Sock 'em' Cynthia McKinney--and literally anybody who professes even the slightest dislike of our President. In fact, the more you dislike him, the more popular you'll be there!

The d'Rats are really hurting this country. They selfishly think that they have a corner on the truth and they don't care if anybody else feels differently, or not. They think they know how the world feels about us, what the muslims feel towards us--and they wouldn't listen to the world, or the muslims, to hear them tell it differently! I have utter contempt for these overgrown babies that can't tolerate any opinion but their own. Their abject cowardice in the face of disagreement with their loony ideas is amazing; if they ever wonder why they're not trusted to lead this country, their feeble behavior ought to give them a clue.

Polling, Plotting, and Puling

Polling, Plotting, and Puling
By VerityINK

The next time you read a poll, answer a poll, or applaud a poll you think is going the way you want it to, give it a second--and third--thought. Of course, anybody who knows anything about statistics knows that polls can be skewed, polling questions can be slanted, and nearly any answer can be elicited from those conducting the poll.

The d'Rats, however, have much more planned when answering polls than simply checking a box 'yes' or 'no'. At DU, and all the other Leftist rags, sites, magazines, and blogs, the moment a poll comes up in the mainstream press (MSM), the call goes out amongst the Demsheep to intentionally pad the poll, with as many Leftists votes, as possible. Many of the d'Rats don't care what the issue is, don't care who sponsored the poll--many times, they haven't even read it! They entreat each other to vote the Democrat party line no matter WHAT the poll addresses--as long as it's an issue the Left can support:

Please go vote on the great poll!

Please DU this poll about Gore. It needs help!

Add Your "Voice" To This AOL Poll!

At DU, they call this "DUing" a poll, giving a poll a little "DU luv", and "calling the troops out for a little action" (those are the only troops they'll endorse...!)

The d'Rats want to purposely skew the media so that the people reading about the poll, or hearing the questions and answers announced on the news, will see that the Democrats are furthest ahead. They want ALL of America to believe that conservative issues have lost favor with the people and, to be a winner, they'll need to join the Democrat way of thinking. They're trying to make us feel isolated and removed. They're trying to make the media even more biased than it is--and they're doing it with a lie.

All day long, the d'Rats wax whiney about President Bush allegedly 'lying' to the people--and the 'dreadful' rightwinger-biased news--all the while making SURE the media is as duped and slanted as possible, and that every extra vote is a lie all their own.

Of course, the funniest result in this thing is what the other half of the d'Rats are doing while the first half is skewing the vote: That batch of clever sweethearts is applauding the 'change in the direction of the country', and they're "... really liking the tilt of our universe, right now!'. They don't even realize that the numbers that are so 'making their day' are artificially pumped, plumped, and bumped--and by them! Talk about believing your own advertising!

C. E. Montague said, "A lie will easily get you out of a scrape, and yet, strangely and beautifully, rapture possesses you when you have taken the scrape and left out the lie". It seems that all those atheists and anti-fundamentalists at DU, shoulda tried for a little more 'rapture' after all...

The next time you see a poll that is highly unfavorable to the President, his administration, or any Republican issue, remember that the numbers have, more than likely, been bent out of all proportion. Don't YOU get bent--just say to yourself 'Oh...d'Rat!'!

Fill Bill

Fill Bill
By VerityINK

True to their ethical stance, their moral frieze, their no-think about Democrat-right-and-Republican-wrong, the d'Rats have, once again, completely missed the boat about Clinton's Blowjobgate. All I hear from the Leftist rags is Democrat angst about his 'poor little blowjob' (as indeed, it might have been!)

They're so quick to point out that men have affairs 'everyday'--and that the issue should've been kept between him and Hillary. (It really wasn't anyone else's business, you know?) The d'Rats want it seen as some boyish 'prank' or some little stunt worthy of a fraternity house. They cluck their tongues, and 'tsk' their heads back and forth as they pooh pooh any sort of consequences for such acts. They nullify his lying to a grand jury by trying to reduce it to nothingness; there shouldn't have been any consequences for something that didn't really happen, riiiiight?

All the Democrats say we made a mountain out of a molehill. I say that, evidently, was Monica's job..... we're just telling it like it is. Bill Clinton's impeachment, and the wrong it addressed, was about much more than a blow job, an adulterous act--and a lie about it. What he did wrong was so much more than that.

All people in positions of official authority have a duty to the people that hired them--and they have a duty to those over which they have authority. Not only must they lead responsibly, but part of their job is providing an example--one that others may look up to with confidence and trust. In this day and age of political correctness, it has become even more codified. It is called a fiduciary responsibility--and heads of companies breaking its tenets can put their jobs at serious risk.

Just as with teachers and their students, doctors and their patients, CEO's and their secretaries--or presidents and their interns--the people in these one-up/one-down relationships are not on the same footing. The person at the top wields the most power and can easily exploit his or her charges by granting favors and making demands that have nothing to do with their job. They can be unfair, portion work according to favor, sexually harass and abuse, judge good work capriciously, deny advancement, delay a diagnosis, give a failing mark, blackmail, threaten to file bad evaluations, deny a thesis, disallow a promotion--all which can permanently harm another person's life.

Many of the most serious acts have laws forbidding them, sanctions proscribing them, and compensations ameliorating them--but not all. Most of us have worked jobs where the boss has portioned work unfairly, or allowed someone new to climb their way to the top on shallow merit--and how could we complain without appearing to be a mere tattler or teller of tales? There's just nothing we can do about many of these wrongs. There are laws dealing with as many of the others as it can and, for the rest, we have to rely on personal integrity.

Bill Clinton has none--he thoroughly breached the fiduciary relationship between himself and one of his interns. This breach signaled his utter lack of vision and responsibility. It branded him unfit for public office and unworthy of the highest office in the land. It proved he either didn't know the right thing to do--or he didn't care to do it. Monica was one of the 'little people'--someone who didn't even matter. To him, she was just an orifice--her young age, and position as paid subordinate, be damned. His position--and what he owed to us as his employer--obviously didn't matter, either.

Good bosses don't use other people--especially people working under them that can't always say or do anything about it--they don't gratify their own needs without meeting any of their needs, and they don't dupe them into believing a personal love relationship exists when they know in advance that they only want to jam their privates into them.

In a spectacular show of moral stupidity, the d'Rats are totally unmindful of this wrong and the ramifications that lay behind it. It is a infinitesimally small slide from a fiduciary breach that is not addressed legally to one that is. Morally, the wrongs weigh the same. Bill Clinton broke the law by lying to a grand jury. He discarded the duty he owed all of America into Monica's mouth. Hillary may not have been wearing a cloth coat that day (and, hopefully, they won't be coming back!) but William Jefferson Clinton was, indeed, their crook in the White House.

The Question They CAN'T Answer

The Question They CAN'T Answer
By VerityINK

I just love those impotent d'Rat! They bleat, repeat--or delete--but they'll do anything to avoid answering the very questions upon which their nonsensical ideology is supposedly based. In the last six months, I've tried numerous times to ask a simple question, in nearly one-word syllables, but their continual non-response has rung as hollow as a bat cave with no bats...

In response to the d'Rats continual gnashing of teeth and rending their clothing over the 'destruction of the Constitution', all their 'lost rights', and the 'fascist' society in which they say they are now *forced* to live, I've simply asked them "What specific rights did you use to have that you, now, no longer have?" Tell me, explain it to me...

I said their examples had to be concrete, and they had to be something they could prove (no imaginings that they were being followed by the FBI if they had no evidence of it, for instance).

The d'Rats, of course, immediately launched into tomes longer than "War and Peace". They all started with 'If-I-were-arrested...', 'If-I-were-held-at-Gitmo...', 'If-I-called-overseas...' and ended with '... I'd-have-no-representation', '... I'd-be-held-indefinitely', and '... my-wires-would-be-tapped'. (Bless their hearts--they think they are important enough for all that!) I had to tell them, 'No, no, no--NOT hypotheticals, NOT worst-case-MIGHT-happens, NOT whatever fevered branches of paranoia your 'is-this-good-enough-for-a-screenplay?' minds can reach for--I wanna know about your REAL LIVES.

(Cricket chirp.......chirp....................chirp; I evidently needed to make it REEEELLY easy for them...)

I said okay; let's just have you fill in the blanks:

1). "I have lost the right to ____________________".

2). "Because of this, I can no longer ____________________".


1). "I have lost the right to peaceably assemble".

2). "Because of this, I can no longer meet with my local political party".

Sounds simple enough, right? According to the d'Rats decrepit style in which they now must live under President Bush, and their tremendous loss of freedoms about which they continually complain, you'd think these two questions would be easily filled out and answered--repetitively so...(surely ad nauseam!) Then why in the heck could not ONE d'Rat, Democrat party member, leftist, liberal--anarchist, communist--give me one damned answer??? I asked these questions many times, in many places, of many people. If THEY are right--and 'life as we've known it is over'--WHY CAN'T THEY ANSWER THIS?

EVERY American citizen--especially those of voting age--needs to ask themselves that question. Therein will be found the perfect definition of the the term 'propaganda'; they haven't lost their 'rights'--I don't care what their poisonous ideology tells them and what they choose to believe--what they've really 'lost' is their marbles.

The '60's = the '06's


The '60's = the '06's
By VerityINK

I'm making some 'luv' beads... I'm sporting my Birkenstocks or plain bare feet. I'm getting out my whole-grain bread recipes, making earrings out of feathers, and looking to see if the domain name 'diggerfreestore' is registered on the Internet...

Why, you ask? Because the sixties are coming back, silly! In fact, they're already here--or desperately trying to be.

The d'Rats, the Democrat party, the Left, has their new-Levis-made-to-look-old packed, their weed properly baggied, and they've asked the name of their parents' old Doors albums--hoping to hell they can find them on CDs--or download them to their iPods from the Web. They're scribbling protest signs in their basements, spending their vacations at the Crawford 'Peace House', and organizing protest after protest concerning every conceivable thing about which they can manufacture a complaint. If a Republican does it, then it can be complained about--and the d'Rats aren't wasting any time.

It's become ubiquitous. You can't fall over a post at DU without hearing the starry-eyed bleat about today's political happenings, "this is the greatest civil rights movement since the Voting Rights Act of 1965!" (said of the immigrant rights marches on Monday), or discussing conspiracy theories about the Kent State shootings of 1970, or planning tent-city protests near the President (though all those middle-class babies could easily afford a motel), or busy joining Richard Nixon and George Bush at the hip. One genius even penned a ridiculous post titled "I Am Already Against the Next War!", as anti-war protests are, again, at the center of their activities.

At first, I put the whole thing down to simple nostalgia; they wanted what their parents (or even, their parents) had--and that was understandable enough. But it was more than that--the fixation just grew and grew and grew. It's really entrenched now, with all their nihilistic plans to tear down our culture, our society, our country from the top, just like before. The only difference is they don't call the 'bad' stuff The Establishment anymore--they call it 'BushWorld', or the 'BFEE' (Bush Family Evil Empire), or 'Freeperville' (after the conservative posters at the popular Free Republic website)--and, for this, they've planned their own war.

Of course, if it were only about protesting the war in Iraq, or President Bush, that'd be one thing; they wouldn't have to use all this hippy-dippy imagery, sing the same songs, or gather on the Mall when the President isn't even in town! No, if it wasn't about the sixties too, they'd simply wait for Bush to leave office (he has to in '08), and protest the war more effectively than sweating in D.C. with a homemade sign on a stick. This IS about the sixties... and the children of the sixties, and their children... (and it'll be about their children's children, too).

I had to sit and think hard about why. I mean, this hasn't happened in awhile--despite other wars, other times, other presidents...

And then it hit me that that's why! The sixties were the last happenings--an entire decade of them--where things mattered. The things done back then matter forever; for some, it's the only history they'll know. There will always be a book to pick up about them, scores of music to listen to, pictures taken and films made--and a granite black wall in our nation's capitol to visit...

The kids of today--now adults--have no happenings of their own to which history lays claim. In the last 30 years, few books have been written about their 'struggles'... living in mom's basement?... trying to get through 4 years of college in 6 years?... attempting to get a job in a world that suddenly demands college or trade skills? I'm asleep already!

These young adults (and not-so-young ones), raised in the large-screen world of American privilege, want fame, love the large gestures, crave the recognition that they imagine posterity will give them--if only they can do something BIG--something as big, or even bigger. Thus, rather than create their own, they go back to the only template they know. I guess that's easiest...

If only the d'Rats had a true leader to tell them that the 'big' thing they could do to trump the sixties and cement their forever-existence could be found in a new movement building UP this country--not planning it's destruction--but supporting it, loving it, valuing it like never before! In this, they could find the uniqueness and recognition they crave--and America would have back the patriots she lacks. This would truly be something for history to capture: a wonderful nation created by it's founding fathers and, 200+ years later--beloved by her receiving sons!

Whose Peace?

Whose Peace?
By VerityINK

Over at DU, they bleat about it more than a Serta mattress commercial sheep: peace marches, peace protests, peace concerts, peace rallies, peace houses--we even, execrably, have a peace 'mom' (as if most mothers advocate violence, instead!) Peace--that's ALL we hear from the d'Rats. Their nostalgia for the 1960's has finally overtaken the majority and they are panting to clog city intersections with their sit-ins, chain themselves to phone poles, and take off from work to camp out at Cindy Sheehan's Crawford 'Peace House'.

In all this busywork, we see just how dedicated the Left is to peace, too, as they print their signs "Dismantle the bomb you fucking idiot!", "BUSH = LIAR MURDERER TERRORIST!", wear their "Impeach Bush!" socks, and applaud crazyman Howard Dean yelping that Karl Rove is "guiltier than Osama Bin Laden!!!".

Of course, all of this is mere prelude and olio. Other places, they are spamming editors with hundreds of letters-to-the-editor, leaving vicious voicemails for congress members, and organizing 'don't-vote-for him/her!' movements for the Dems in office who don't vote the way they think they should. This eventually evolves (or devolves) into those who bootleg the Anarchist's Cookbook, compare prices and working quality of gasmasks, and advocate riding into Washington D.C., storming into the White House, grabbing the President by the upper arm, and literally dragging him out of office!

Here in Seattle, they are content with simply keying our cars that show "W" stickers, and support-the-troops" yellow ribbons, shooting out apt. windows with "Bush" placards, and screaming 'warmongers!!!' at those of us watching the Blue Angels at a Labor Day streetfair. To get a really good dose of leftist 'peace' we have to wait until ELF burns up our new homes, spikes trees to injure our loggers, or tears up and ruins family-owned mink farms.

Elsewhere, things have gotten more interesting with these peaceniks. Around the country, they have torn up voting machines at polling places:

In San Diego, they got into a big rock-throw with police and injured bystanders, too:

And here, not wanting to feel left out and consumed by his angry feelings, some guy drove his car into the mass of people during the recent immigrant rights march:

Yes, all this 'peace' is keeping plenty of police departments mighty busy...

However, fighting for peace is like fucking for abstinence. When you practice the antithesis of what you say you believe in, it's impossible to take you seriously. People PRACTICE what they really believe in. Maybe the d'Rats think they can bash our heads in en route to their utopianist dreamworld of peace everlasting, but that's not how it usually works. I recently told a poster on my site that the 'bitch-slapee is often the bitch-slapped-in-return'. The professional children at DU need to learn to work with the 'other side' instead of tantrum and roar.

Whose peace is this that they continually put forth? Peace for half the country is not peace at all. Demanding something from us that they are not willing to give themselves just paints the d'Rats as feckless children. If they can't be diplomats at home, they'll never be them overseas. That's the greatest 'piece' of what they're giving to America and the world.

Message received.

Free Speech Or Freely Selfish?


Free Speech Or Freely Selfish?
By VerityINK

Cosmopolitan thinkers though they suppose themselves to be--'world travelers' they love to brag--the posters at DU continually show that it seemingly hasn't done them a bit of good. They believe all peoples of the world think the same way--and more importantly--hear and understand the same things in exactly the same manner.

"Free speech!, free speech!", the d'Rats continually screech. They are sure they know their rights, they demand their rights, and they're so certain they are entitled to them that they scarcely think consequences have any right to follow. These dippy utopianists are sure that ALL humans understand these rights--even humans that they feel couldn't possibly want the freedoms we hold dear.

With this sort of mindset, the d'Rats go blithely on their way calling our President a 'moran', declaring they won't wear red, white, and blue, posting our national anthem in other languages, marking their foreheads with a 'Bush 666', and applauding the mother of one of our fallen soldiers standing side-by-side with Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, who just signed an 'Anti-American Pact' with two other countries (Bolivia and Cuba).

They feel oh-so-entitled to do it; they have the right of free speech, dontcha know! To the Left, their own rights are more important than any other consideration in the world.

Those at DU, and in other Leftist circles all over America--the people who think they are so savvy and compassionate--never stop to consider the ears that hear such things, the eyes that see them, the impact of their actions. If the d'Rats give it any thought at all it is to reassure themselves that they are doing a good thing and that will be automatically understood (gee, they might even get an award!).

These people don't consider if America has enemies or not. Indeed, they think every enemy we have is our fault and that, thus, we control ALL things. They don't think about the human mind that could view us from outside our borders and plan to do us harm. Even after 9/11, the d'Rats are no more mindful of the ways of the world--how it's always been--since man first walked. They don't seem to know that, when man walked, man warred--and war is first begun--not when a man picks up a gun or knife--but when he sits calmly, looks for weakness, and coldly considers what harm he may do to others for his own advantage.

These Democrat party members, these DUers, these neochildren are so self-absorbed that they never think all their lousy words and venomous acts send the very message ANY enemy is waiting to hear. No, they say their enmity is only for President Bush--not for America--and they don't see that 99.99% of the world doesn't draw any distinction between the two.

Our friends and enemies have only to click on 'DU' to see that many Americans hate America so much they won't wear the colors of our flag, sing our anthem in our own language, or shop in our stores. They see the ones that don't support the Senate, House, Supreme Court, or Presidential decisions. They see the backstabbers and political partisans at the CIA, FBI--even the Pentagon. They don't see Cindy Sheehan stand against President Bush--they see her stand against the entirety of America.

Worse yet, on display at DU, are the Photoshopped pics of urine and feces spread all over a man referred to as 'Chimpy' and the 'Beast'. The citizens of the world see the captions manufactured out of bathroom language, the calumnious taunts that he's a 'drunk' and a 'crack head'. They see the upside down flags, the administration figures burned in effigy at every leftist gathering--and they say to themselves "these people hate their country and won't lift a finger to fight for it! If ever we could take the United States down, it is now!"

And who's to say they are wrong? Even if it could be said that they are, would you want them to try and find out?

Freedom of speech is a wonderful right--a shining light in a world that has few enduring ones. However, having that right does not exempt us from the consequences of it's use. Other people in other lands are going to view our words and actions much differently than we intend them; natural consequences are much more powerful than wishful thinking, karma, or the best of intentions. If the words and actions of some make us look weak, then someone out there is going to act on that weakness--he's not going to nuance the thing to death or parse things down to the most politically correct meaning. Most particularly is he NOT going to suddenly turn into an American and understand things in the American way they were meant.

The posters at DU, Leftists, and Democrat party members--the d'Rats--need to THINK and stop being so selfish. Their rights are NOT the most important thing in the world--only a child feels that way. There are much more valuable and long-lasting good things in the world than our transitory satisfactions--and the United States Of America surely is one of them. Common sense and some good, old-fashioned loyalty needs to trump the self-focus they cannot seem to aspire beyond. Duty isn't something they eventually stand at a podium and try and report for--it is payment on a debt they already owe.